RK incision and CXL

Is there any problem when cxl is used for stabilizing post rk incision?
Our keratoconus surgeon notes that in the  journal of cataract and refactive surgery there is a case report by Dr. Abad which deals with this situation. A patient with rk and ak suffered from ectasia or corneal bulging. On undergoing treatment with cornea cross linkage or cxl, there was a wound gape which required corneal suture. The good news is that the wounds healed with scarring and there was improvement in vision and the shape of the cornea.

RK or radial keratotomy was developed by Fyodrov in russia. Previous techniques to stabilize the instability of these incisions include suturing and intacs. AK is arcuate keratotomy. Today this is not performed, It has evolved into the popular LRI or limbal relaxing incisions.

These reviews on cxl for keratoconus are provided to keep the people of america abreast of the latest research and trend in management of keratoconus. The best treatment for you can only be determined by a consult with a eye doctor who is a specialist in treatment and cure of keratoconus.

Can CXL help unhappy RK patients?.

Can cxl or cornea cross linking help patients with poor unstable vision with after rk or radial keratotomy?
Dr. Khanna, Beverly hills keratoconus specialist, reviewed an article by Dr. Pinalla in the november issue of cornea. Thiskeratoconusdoctor reports on the short term followup on the seven eyes of 4 patients who had unstable cornea after earlier rk. They underwent corneal cross linking or cxl. There was clinically and statistically significant improvement in vision, astigmatism and hence corneal stability.
These reviews and analysis of papers in journals are provided for educational purposes by keratoconus expert practising in california, united states. Some of these treatments are not FDA approved. It is important to participate in fda approved studies in the united states.

RK  or radial keratotomy was a procedure popular in the previous century before the advent of lasik eye surgery. Many baby boomers who had RK are suffering from the late term problem of fluctuation of effect of those corneal incisions. Principles of keratoconus treatment can be applied by a cornea specialist to stiffen up the cornea.